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We are making a remarkable impact for Realtors by taking the worry out of the tedious tasks in order to help them achieve success and growth in their business and personal lives.
I am ready to make my BUSINESS BETTER now!


Power House TC is an independent Transaction Coordinator service in Arizona. We work with My Home Group Real Estate Teams, Groups, and busy individual Agents. 



Do you spend your evening and off time submitted documents to your Broker, drafting addenda, looking for the Earnest money receipts and more? 

Imagine just knowing that stuff is done without a minute of your precious time spent on it. You get to Lead Generate or spend time with your family. That is WHY.


We save you stress. We save you time.

We even save you money by avoiding missed due dates, catching errors in the contract documents, and ensuring all parties are informed.

With years of experience in the industry & extended education, we offer a service that you can count on being accurate, efficient, and valuable.

Our Story

Realtors find themselves spending precious time processing paperwork & chasing down updates rather than generating business. It really stings when they find themselves sitting at the computer submitting paperwork to get their commission instead of enjoying time with family.

The Power House TC Team has a proven system, the knowledge, and experience to help you take care of the paperwork, manage timelines, submit compliance, & Track down updates. We are working on this all day so you won't have to worry about fitting it in between your appointments. You will find an enormous weight is lifted when you are needing an addendum, DCA, BINSR signed, etc. while out and you can rely on us to help.

Power House TC takes care of more than 60 tasks behind the scenes so Realtors can focus on the dollar producing activities. You will notice a remarkable impact on your stress and Business knowing we are there to support you.


Love absolutely everything about Tae's ability to handle our transactions. Smooth, efficient, on top of things. Also her systems are amazing and really ahead of the curve, which makes us as agents look great and takes a ton of stuff off our plate. I've had about 5 tc's in 11 years and Tae is by far the best!

—  Patrick Halpine, My Home Group



Arizona Services Only

Tel: 623.250.4647